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Are you spending all day calling strangers asking them to make the biggest financial decision of their life?

Constantly Begging For Referrals?

Are you begging friends and family to send you business, just to have no consistency or predictability of income?

No Data Behind Current Marketing?

Are you completely lost on the current metrics of your marketing actions? Do you have a REAL system in place to track and attribute deals and clients?

Paying Zillow To Get 2 Or 3 Leads?

Are you spending thousands just to get 2 or 3 leads that were just looking and won't convert?


Use Jefferson Digital To Get Predictable

Income And Deal Flow

We help real estate agents generate an extra 100 leads and 15-20

appointments in 90 days, guaranteed. We help you achieve this with

our proprietary 3 pillar marketing system as shown below.


Get Buyer And Seller Leads Using Targeted Facebook Ads

Using our proven, Targeted Facebook Ads System you can expect consistent client opportunities in your area. We've spent hundreds of thousands testing different marketing platforms. Facebook is the only place possible to generate consistent and quality leads without spending an arm and a leg on ads.


Qualify Leads With Our Automated Follow-Up System

We don’t want you wasting time talking to tire kickers and un-interested leads! Our automated machine with follow-up with, and qualify leads with texts, emails, and voicemails without you doing a thing.

  • Emails & Texts

  • Ringless Voicemail

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Easy To Use CRM


Book Appointments On Demand With Inside Sales Agents

We give you the exact formula to hire and train a world class inside sales agent. They’re tasked with calling all your new leads, qualifying them, and booking appointments directly to your calendar. Never waste time chasing a lead again, and enjoy highly interested, ready to go clients.

Janelle Cairns - 2 Closed Listings in 30 Days in a Brand New Market

52 Appraisal Opportunities, 19 Completed In-Person Appraisals, Two Listings In 3 Weeks!

(All without having an established brand in a brand new market)

State 1: Starting from scratch in a tough new market and not quite sure where to start to build her pipeline and her brand having primarily generated her business previously from referrals and other channels of traditional advertising (radio, etc) Janelle knew that there must be a better way.

State 2: In 3 weeks, we got her 52 appraisal opportunities, 19 Completed In-Person Appraisals worth an estimated pipeline value of $52,000 in GCI, & two listings underway. Most importantly she now has certainty in where her next listing opportunities will come from.

1 of the listings is for an estimated $1.5M won and the other $1.3M.


Before Janelle partnered with us, she had just entered the Tauranga market after having moderate success as an agent in Katikati.

As an individual agent that was new to the area and who had to build a pipeline and database from scratch, Janelle was fighting against the big offices with more established brands & online presences.

She had grown her business previously through a reliance on referrals as well as traditional marketing and advertising and had tried almost everything but knew there must be a better way.

She felt that without an established known brand that it'd be difficult to compete and get listings in what can traditionally be a tough market.

Whilst hesitant at first… after she saw the value of how our Lead To Listing System can help her take care of the heavy lifting so she can do what she does best... The decision was easy… and she already secured an ROI multiple times over!

In 3 weeks since the campaign had gone live, she had got 52 appraisal opportunities, 19 completed in-person appraisals, and 2 listings, one worth an estimated $1.5M and the other $1.3M.

Market: Tauranga, New Zealand

Result: 2 Closed Transactions Within 30 Days.

Agent: Janelle Cairns, Eves Real Estate Bethlehem

Trent Appleby - 4 Listings in the Pipeline within 30 Days

State 1: Averaging 1-2 transactions/month but struggling to build a predictable lead flow and have consistency in his business. Like a lot of agents particularly in this market, Trent had to deal with the ups and downs of trying to consistently keep a full pipeline and felt he was always at the mercy of the market.

Fighting as an independent franchised agent against the big teams in his area with more established brands & online presence.

Reliant on his existing database, door knocking, letterbox drops, referrals and the occasional sale of house and land packages.

State 2: In 30 days, we got him 32 appraisal opportunities and 4 probable listings likely to go on the market within the next 6 months.

In our check in with Trent a month later, he had received 51 appraisal opportunities, completed 2 listing appointments and had 1 listing that should go on the market in the next month (estimated value of $1.6M) and the other 3 listing opportunities still likely to list in the next 3-6 months.

Of the other listings two are worth an estimated $1.9M each with one likely to list in January 2022 and the other in another 3-4 months. Trent completed a listing presentation for the third which is valued at a whopping $2.5M which he estimates is 3-4 months away from being put on the market.


Before Trent partnered with us, he was averaging an inconsistent 1-2 listings a month and an irregular lead flow and pipeline.

Scrapping for vendor opportunities which are hard to come by in the fiercely competitive Brisbane areas that he services.

As a small independent franchised agent he was fighting against the big teams with more established brands & online presence.

He was reliant on his existing database, door knocking, letterbox drops, referrals and the occasional sale of house and land packages.

He felt that without having consistency in his pipeline growth that he'd always be at the mercy of the market.

When we first chatted with him, it wasn't the first time he had tried using lead generation and paid advertising to help build his pipeline and get listings.

Though when he had tried services in the past to help with this he had always struggled to justify the cost when the value provided to him just wasn't worth it and this was why he never continued with any of the past marketing companies he had worked with.

But after seeing how we're different..

How we're able to generate him exclusive leads and take him where the bigger teams can't go.

The amount of heavy-lifting, pre-qualification & care that goes into these leads before he speaks to them and the support provided by our team.

He jumped right in without hesitation.

And in 32 days, he had gotten 32 appraisal opportunities, and 4 probable listings with the appointments already booked to discuss the logistics and likely to go to market within the next 6 months.

In our check in over the phone with Trent a month later (60 days in), he had received 51 appraisal opportunities, completed 2 listing appointments and had 1 listing that should go on the market in the next month (estimated value of $1.6M) and the other 3 listing opportunities still likely to list in the next 3-6 months.

Of the other listings two are worth an estimated $1.9M each with one likely to list in January 2022 and the other in another 3-4 months. Trent completed a listing presentation for the third which is valued at a whopping $2.5M which he estimates is 3-4 months away from being put on the market.

This would already make him a 5.18x ROI on his investment!

So 1 listing secured and another 3 listings on the way within the next 6 months since partnering with us!

Market: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Result: 1 listing and 3 probable short term listings in 30 days

Agent: Trent Appleby, Belle Property Coorparoo

Jacqui Walker - 7+ Listings, 3X ROI in 9 Months

363 Appraisal Opportunities, 7 Listings and a GCI of $111,000 since working together!

State 1: As one of the top agents in all of Toowoomba, Jacqui and her marketing manager, David Walker were in need of ways to take their image online to another level so they could get in front of 100s of homeowners a month. They wanted the cutting edge in digital advertising and lead generation so they could continue to grow the brand to the point where Jacqui's brand could hit $2M in GCI per year.

State 2: In the 9 months we have worked together, Jacqui has reached 1000s of people in her market, expanded her profile to the point where she's getting featured in local publications and news outlets and has listed 7 properties directly from our leads resulting in a 3X ROI on paid advertising on top of her improved presence.


As one of the top agents in all of Toowoomba, Jacqui as expected is bombarded by different marketing companies every single day trying to earn her business. After immediately seeing how we're different, Jacqui and David pulled the trigger on working with us despite their skepticism of "marketing companies" and they immediately saw momentum with the implementation of the high converting branded lead generation strategies and advertising they trusted us with. Quickly Jacqui was able to skyrocket her already strong pipeline with over 50 leads in the first month and the listings soon followed with Jacqui having already converted 7 listings with many more coming in the pipeline as our nurturing and follow up systems assist with this.

Market: Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Result: 7+ Listings, 3X ROI in 9 Months

Agent: Jacqui Walker, Remax Success Toowoomba

Majella Owen - 9+ Listings & an added $150K GCI in 9 Months

9+ Listings and ad added of $150,000 since working together!

State 1: Majella is a quickly rising young agent starting to take her market by storm. She was already on her way up upon joining and was super hungry to continue her growth as an agent. Her biggest obstacles to hitting he big goals she had upon joining was having a consistently large pipeline where she always knows where her next deal is coming from and having higher stock levels.

State 2: In just 9 months working with she was able to list and sell 9 properties and add $150K in GCI to her bottomline. As an extensive user of our marketing automation platform (JD Hub), Majella was able to successfully use it to track and use our follow up systems to "re-engage leads" and convert listings from these re-engagements. This way she was constantly staying top of mind through our messenger, SMS and email campaigns by constantly providing value to the potential sellers in her market we were getting in front of.


Majella is an up and coming driven agent starting to take her market by storm and using JD to help her do it! In just 9 months working with she was able to list and sell 9 properties and add $150K in GCI to her bottomline.  When we first connected with her she was struggling to maintain high stock levels due to how fast she was selling property and needed to have a consistent pipeline of people to work so she could make sure she hit her target transaction numbers month on month and could stay top of mind in her market. Fast forward 9 months and it's safe to say through a combination of her high work ethic, ability and our marketing to grow her profile in Bundaberg and the 400+ contacts we added to her database that she has been able to do just that.

Market: Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Result: 9+ Listings, +$150K GCI in 9 Months

Agent: Majella Owen, LJ Hooker Bundaberg

Brett Humby - Generated $48,232 in commissions off of just 2 listings from us. Signed 18 Month Contract.

State 1: Brett was growing into a $1M producer in his market of Pitt Town and Riverstone in Sydney and needed more opportunities and a bigger database to help support the talent on his growing team, he also needed a way to stay top of mind in his market with effective branded advertising so he could continue to grow his profile.

State 2: Brett generated 158 listing opportunities in his first 90 days working with us, it was safe to say his database was rejuvenated. He then went on to generate his first listing from JD after a few months working with us as before that he needed help bringing in staff to deal with the lead flow.

His first JD listing SOLD within 9 days of being on the market - $1.3M and was worth $23,232 in commissions for them - bringing in a massive ROI for them.

They quickly followed this by listing their second JD property. This one was worth around $1.5M which would mean around $25,000 worth of net commissions for Brett. This was his 2nd lead ever with JD - converted 6 months later with the help of the marketing platform.... Rome wasn't built in a day!

This brought his total to $48,232 in commissions from just 2 listings.


Since Brett Humby and his team in McGrath Rouse Hill had been getting so many leads, they have had to bring on an agent named Kal to service only JD leads. Brett realised that by not properly following up with leads due to how busy he was and not having a dedicated agent in his first three months working with us he lost $10,000s in leads that listed with other agents/agencies, so Brett being the smart businessman that he is decided to take action and fix that quickly. Now Brett is seeing the fruits of this decision with 2 listings and many many more in the pipeline, those 2 netting him a cool $48,232 already, this prompting him to sign an 18 month contract as he could start to see the shear quantity of deals he had in the pipeline.

Market: Sydney, NSW Australia

Result: 2+ Listings at $48,232 in commissions

Agent: Brett Humby, McGrath Rouse Hill

Charlie Brothers - 4 Listings at over $4M in total listings value

State 1: Charlie is one of the top agents in his areas of South Auckland. At the time we connected, he was already a $1M+ agent and was just looking for a company to help him continue to accelerate his opportunity generation and increase his market profile whilst making his life as easy as possible through efficient operations, systems and the ability to take a lot of the vendor paid marketing off his plate too.

State 2: After working with us for a few months, Charlie who has worked with many other companies in the digital marketing industry can safely say that "we are easily the best he has worked with."

Simply put, he has been impressed by our care for our clients and the support he has received since working with us. We also have gone above and beyond for him and have found ways to facilitate his custom needs to bring in 100s of buyer and seller inquiries for his listings and just sold's something he has always wanted to do but never had the right growth partner in place to build out the systems to promote those in the right way.

On top of that, Charlie has sold 4 properties at over $4M in total listings value directly from our leads since working with us with and millions more in the pipeline.


This is Charlie Brothers, he’s one of the top Ray White Agents in all of Auckland - a chairman’s elite. We’ve worked closely with him to scale his million dollar real estate business through predictable lead generation and branding, helping him list $4M worth of properties and even helping him get tons of buyers for his vendor’s properties in the short time we’ve worked together using Seller campaigns and Just Listed's to find home sellers and home buyers.

Market: Auckland, New Zealand

Result: $4M in listed property & 100s of buyers for his properties through our Just Listed & Just Sold campaigns

Agent: Charlie Brothers, Ray White Manukau

Chris Zhang - 5 Listings at over $3.4M in total listings value in 5 months

State 1: Chris had previously had success with online marketing and paid advertising and was trying to find the right growth partner after his previous solo operator left the industry. After he connected with us he could immediately tell that we were the right partner to take his brand to the next level online so he could continue to grow his office.

State 2: We exceeded all expectations and having only spent $557 on ads, Chris already had 1 confirmed listing worth $600K and another in the pipeline about to close. In 5 months, he had 5 listings at an estimated listing value of over $3.4M.


Chris was someone who understood the power of marketing, having previously had success with another marketer a year ago before he left the industry. Though despite his belief in the system and paying for 12 months straight off the bat, even Chris' expectations were exceeded in just a month of working with our world class team.

After not even being live for a full month and having only spent $557 on ads, Chris already had 1 confirmed listing worth $600K and another in the pipeline about to close.

In our last catch up, 4 months after the above, it is confirmed that Chris has already listed 5 properties at an estimated total listing value of $3.4M+ with many more in the pipeline, and his profile in his local market has continued to increase.

Market: Melbourne, Victoria

Result: 5 Listings, $3.4M in total listing value in 5 months. First Listing in first 14 days after spending just $557 in ad spend.

Agent: Chris Zhang, Harcourts ASAP

Sadie Headland - Listed her first ever property using our system

State 1: Just started in real estate, looking to kickstart her career by putting in place a system to build and follow up her pipeline.

State 2: Within the first month and half of going live, Sadie listed her first ever property from one of our leads and has many more in the pipeline. This was valued at around $1.5M.


Sadie came onboard with us as a completely new agent who was looking to kickstart her real estate career with effective lead generation and profile building in her market. She started when COVID was still affecting the property market in New Zealand and there was lots of uncertainty with the market shifting towards more of a buyers market and interest rate rises leading to hesitancy. When we first connected with Sadie, we could tell immediately that she had a clear understanding of what was and wasn't effective when it came to marketing due to her previous background working heavily in the marketing industry. Because of this she could see how our system could work well for her and was quick to pull the trigger on working with our expert team. Sadie wasn't disappointed as she was able to start growing her database immediately after going live and list her very first property ever within 1.5 months from one of the first leads we generated for her - this listing was worth $1.3M and netted her an estimated $20K in commissions. Her real estate business was successfully kickstarted.

Market: Papamoa Beach, New Zealand

Result: 1st ever listing from our leads within a month and a half, estimated at $1.3M.

Agent: Sadie Headland, Sotheby's NZ

Ray White Hawke's Bay - 14 Listings and $280K+ in added GCI in 12 months

State 1: When Elanor from Ray White Hawke's Bay first connected with us, they were in need of a consistent flow of leads for their large team of sales agents and the digital marketing services they had used previously were ineffective to fulfil on what they needed.

State 2: After working closely alongside our team for 12 months, Ray White Hawke's Bay were able to convert 14 of leads to listings resulting in an extra $280,000 in estimated GCI from the high value properties sold in that area of New Zealand.


Elanor is the managing director of one of the largest Ray White agencies in NZ managing lots of agents. When we first connected with her, their Ray White Group offices were in desperate need of consistent opportunities and leads that could be provided to their agents. After being skeptical having worked with different companies in the past to try to do this with no real, tangible success she decided to jump in and see if we could be the one to help the Ray White Leaders Group expand their presence and generate large quantities of leads in Hawke's Bay and Napier. After 12 months, the success we've had working together has been even better than they could ever have expected with 14 listings and an estimated $280,000 in GCI within 12 months from leads we've generated. Her agents have walked the talk and converted high value listings almost every month (with some months there being multiple) since working with us leading to them achieving a massive ROI.

Market: Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Result: 14 Listings in 12 months, $280K+ GCI

Agency/Brokerage: Ray White Hawke's Bay

ACTON | Belle Property Mandurah - 14 Listings and $200K+ in added GCI in 9 months

State 1: They came to us in need of more consistent lead flow especially from digital where they had never had much success from their in house teams campaigns.

State 2: It's safe to say that we delivered in spades having already generated 500 leads for them in 9 months resulting in 14 listings and an extra $200K+ in GCI, showing them it's possible to generate a massive ROI from social media.


We work directly with the marketing manager at ACTON Mandurah who oversees our marketing directly. They came to us in need of more consistent lead flow especially from digital where they had never had much success from their in house teams campaigns. It's safe to say that we delivered in spades having already generated over 50 leads for them and showing them it's possible to generate a massive ROI from social media. As of October 2022 (update) , ACTON | Belle have now been working with us for a full 12 months and have listed 17 of our leads.

Market: Mandurah, WA

Result: 14 Listings in 9 months, $200K+ GCI and total listing value of $9.2M

Agency/Brokerage: ACTON | Belle Property Mandurah

Jenny Menzies - Listed her first ever lead in under a week

State 1: When Jenny joined us she was in desperate need of consistent opportunities as she was confident that once she got in the door she could get the listing but was just struggling to get into those doors in the first place.

State 2: Listed the first lead we generated for her in less than a week after going live.


When Jenny first connected with us she was relatively new to real estate and had been in the industry for less than a year. The biggest thing she needed help with was a consistent flow of new listing opportunities that she could work with each month so she could start to build her pipeline as a new agent and grow her profile in a competitive market filled with a lot of real estate agents. Jenny was super motivated and knew that if she could get her feet in more doors she would have a very good chance to convert the listing. Within her first few days working with us she got a listing which was actually from the first ever lead she received from us. Whilst things don't always happen this quickly when marketing and running lead generation campaigns, sometimes we do see instant results like what we've seen with Jenny here.

Market: Bayside, Queensland, Australia

Result: Listed 1st lead generated in under a week after going live.

Agent: Jenny Menzies, McGrath Bayside Cleveland

Dan & Essie - 2 Million Dollar Listings in Under 90 days

106 Appraisal Opportunities, 2 Listings and a Pipeline Value of $159,000 since working together!

State 1: Had only been in real estate for a little over a year and the hardest thing for them as newer agents was consistency in their business and being able to grow their pipeline and database with enough potential sellers to gain that initial traction they needed to grow their business in a highly competitive Gold Coast market.

State 2: In under 90 days, we got them 2 Listings, 106 Appraisal Opportunities, and a Pipeline Value of $159,000.

1 of those listings was valued at around $1M and the other sold for approximately $1.5M. But more importantly we were able to help them bring in the consistent source of opportunities they lacked.


Dan & Essie are a husband and wife real estate team operating in Currumbin and Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

When we first started working with them they were looking for a way to consistently bring in more genuine leads and to be able to do that on autopilot so they could free up more of their time.

Having only been in real estate for a little over a year, they had tried a lot of things to grow their database and kick-start their business in a tough Gold Coast market but found most methods to be extremely time consuming and weren’t getting traction at the rate they’d wanted. They wanted to be able to spend less time prospecting so they could focus on moving the business forward and being able to have more work life balance.

They hated door knocking and cold calling and had really just focused on warm business from their small database so they knew they needed to bring in new channels to grow their pipeline.

They knew that in their market with high end properties often averaging $1M-$2M that it wouldn’t take many listings in a year for the system to make a big difference to them.

Within the first month, Dan & Essie had already listed their first property (a value of $1M) , got 20 Appraisal Inquiries, and had an estimated pipeline value Of $30,000 in GCI.

They have since followed that up with another listing that sold for approximately $1.5M and added another 85 appraisal opportunities at a total pipeline value of $159,000 in GCI.

They’ve been kept busy, and they now have a pipeline of listing opportunities to work on.

We are still in contact with Dan & Essie to obtain regular updates on their leads, appointments and listings.

Market: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Result: 2 Million Dollar Listings in 90 days

Agent: Dan & Essie, Harcourts Coastal

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